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Book Making Organicist Biotechnology

My book manuscript in progress, Making Organicist Biotechnology, is an ethnography exploring the recent emergence of organicism in the biosciences. Focused on the work of laboratory researchers in the UK and US, it investigates how increasingly complex, embedded, and ecological understandings of the biological shape how scientists and other actors involved in bioinnovation understand, enact and negotiate biotechnological application in society.


This work is based on my PhD dissertation (University of Cambridge, 2017), which was funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Wenner-Gren Foundation.

Academic Texts

(2019) Stem Cell Niches in: Fieldsights – Theorizing the Contemporary. Published online by the Society for Cultural Anthropology (April 25).

(2016) Reproducing the Magic: Uncertain Science and Reason+, published on (April 26).

(2015) Book review of Malignant – How Cancer Becomes Us, in: Medicine Anthropology Theory 2 (1), pp. 182-85.

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