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Research Projects

Organicist Biotechnology

Translational Infertilities

Translational infertilities is a sociological study of the translational research cultures in bioscience. It explores the varied ways that researchers respond to the contemporary imperative to produce applicable research and contribute to bioinnovation. The study was conducted in collaboration with Noémie Merleau-Ponty as part of the Wellcome Trust Changing In/Fertilities project led by Sarah Franklin and Marcia Inhorn.

Changing In Fertilities Clear Background
Translational Infertilities


Biocircularities is a collaborative research project which looks at the diverse ways in which technoscientific innovations in epigenetics, bio-banking and regenerative medicine challenge  how people understand bodily temporality. Questioning the methodological assumption that lives are ‘lived forward’ from birth to death in the linearity of successive steps, the project explores how non-linear, looped and circular understandings of the life course create new desires, subjectivities and social structures with implications for social and intergenerational justice. The project is co-organised with Branwyn Poleykett.

Biocircularities poster.jpg
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