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Dish Life The Game

Dish Life Game (2020) is a digital mobile game app I developed as a lead executive producer. Players experience an immersive research laboratory from the perspective of a scientist, solve research problems and face dilemmas about the politics of science and social justice in STEM. 

The game was funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Economic & Social Research Council as an educational resource for high school and undergraduate students in the United Kingdom. It was produced in collaboration with the games company Pocket Sized Hands, the Reproductive Sociology Research Group and the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute.


Download Dish Life


Dish Life: The Game is available to download for free on Apple iOS and Google Play. Happy playing!


Reviews & Endorsements

Best Educational Game at the 2021 PocketGamer Awards

Reviews & Endorsements

Check out some of the responses to Dish Life: The Game:



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